Who are we?

We are QuinSoft, a small team of invididial testers and developers who help create simple, problem-solving and small software.
After starting to make software for MS-DOS back in 2012 with modiate success, we've set up QuinSoft as a business since December 5th 2013.
At QuinSoft, we strafe for programs that are easy to run and use, regardless of system, age or size.

Crazy enough, you can even have a PC from 1995 and still run our products. It's compatibility that allows for small size, quick execution and most of all, maximal usability.

We, Quintus and Fabian believe that if one works hard enough, you can achieve amazing results. Have you ever had a moment where you just look at an object and think:
"Wow, that that's even possible!"

That's the experience we're building, making something new that no one expects.